Also known as frequently asked questions. We even included answers!

Traditionally companies large and small would do one of two things:

  • maintain an internal IT staff part-time or full-time to handle any company issues relating to networking, IT, or security
  • call an IT company reactively when things break, often referred to as “break-fix”

The information technology industry has seen a change in recent years as more and more components of the business and IT space go from traditional, one-off licenses and events, to a monthly recurring or service-based model. This can be seen in software that has gone from per-seat or yearly licenses to monthly costs, typically referred to as software-as-a-service or SaaS.

Managed services are the SaaS equivalent for cloud, networking, IT, and security needs for clients from small businesses to enterprises, as well as government agencies and similar organizations.

A managed service provider is either an existing break-fix IT firm that has transitioned into the MSP market, added MSP services in addition to remaining open for break-fix needs on a per-client basis, or a newly founded firm that strictly deals in managed services.

As a managed service provider, we are your single point-of-contact and solution provider for everything technology, and can fill needs from part-time and full-time internal IT staffing, fully managed services as a third-party vendor, or augmenting and supporting an existing internal IT team. Traditional system and network maintenance, security, updates, network design & installation, VoIP, e-mail, cloud software, and ISP / vendor management are only a few of the many services in our core offerings.

We also provide what has been hailed as a Virtual Chief Information Officer (or vCIO) service for businesses that require the expertise and leadership of IT industry veterans, but may not have the budget or other resources to retain one internally. You are able to leverage our 20+ years of industry experience, education, and expertise to guide your company’s technical direction and strategy, allowing you to focus on your business while retaining a proven partner you can trust to guide you. 

We’re glad you asked! Many organizations are unaware of the detrimental cost of downtime. For businesses that rely on the internet or computer systems to run their business, when the network is down, your business is down. Whether that’s full-scale internet connectivity loss, or simply internal network issues due to a lack of bandwidth, or even individual employees plagued with slow systems, malware, or a lack of technology education.

You’d be surprised to find that many businesses are unaware that your total cost of even a few hours of downtime a month can run you as much as $200,000 a year, depending on individual labor costs, as well as loss of business due to the inability to operate and customer dissatisfaction in the event of repeated downtime events.

Enter exospec, your premier partner in the fight against downtime! We provide our managed service clients with one of the industry’s highest service level agreements (known as an SLA), providing near-100% uptime guarantees, 24/7/365 monitoring, maintenance, and management, as well as consistent remote support and help desk support.

Our clients see us not as an additional cost to their business, but an extreme cost savings over their existing downtime and current break-fix strategies. Whether we’re augmenting or supporting an existing internal IT department or handling all of your company’s IT needs, we pride ourselves on 100% client satisfaction across the board, and reductions in downtime and IT headaches that have saved our clients millions of dollars.

exospec prides itself on a rich history and reputation as both a traditional break-fix firm, as well as the premier managed service provider for the Mahoning Valley. We offer end-to-end solutions for businesses and high-end residential clients that span cloud, information technology, network, and security needs.

In an industry saturated with long-standing incumbents that have a long history as reputable break-service providers, exospec is determined to set ourselves apart from the rest in a number of ways:

  • We maintain industry partnerships and certifications that none of our competitors have, through consistent continuing education and training for our employees, and competitive incentives and programs for individual technician and engineer certifications
  • We’ve aligned ourselves with our clients as partners, not as an added cost, but as a cost savings. 
  • Our bottom line is your bottom line, we profit from increasing your bottom line, reducing your downtime, and saving you money. 
  • We don’t rely on shady sales techniques or unnecessary upsells leaving you holding the bill for complicated infrastructure and technology your business likely doesn’t need.
  • We grow with you as your business needs grow. From yesterday to tomorrow, IT is a changing field, and as such, so are your needs.
  • We work with small clients the same way we work with enterprise clients, providing the same industry leading solutions and support, but scaled to the needs and budget of each individual client. 
  • We do not provide on-size-fits-all solutions, and as such we can leverage financing and leasing options that “the other guys” simply cannot.